Hi Friends,

We are Bieler Bros. Records, a music and entertainment media company founded by my brother and myself way back in the early 2000‘s. We do this because we really, really love music. We also love working with awe inspiring artists of almost any genre. We live and breathe music and assume you do as well or else why would you be reading this? Unless you are a stalker, which is still cool, kind of a status symbol, especially for an indie company…anyway we digress.

We often release said music via our indie record label Bieler Bros. Then we ever so lovingly and painstakingly hand deliver custom created audio containers during the cover of deep night to the shelves of your local music peddlers and shops. At the same time our team of 12 highly specialized Russian scientists take these amazing audio files and in a process we are told is similar to transmutation, create digitized versions of these very same songs and like a rogue band of audio fairies, dust them across a varied virtual landscape of online stores for your downloading convenience.

We wake up and work at a record company, we listen to music all day and hang out with talented people…doesn’t get much better than that. We also don’t think there has ever been a more exciting time in music, a better time for artists or creative people plus the new technologies are just amazing!

So in closing, we make music, and whether you steal it or buy it thank you! Bask in it, breathe it, share it, support it and rock on!

Jason and Aaron Bieler

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