We are always looking for new music and new artists. We sign bands we feel passionate about and not for any other reason. If the music moves us, we want to be a part of it and help spread it around the world. We want to work with bands that know what it means to tour and understand what it takes to be great. We want bands that have relationships with their fans and will do anything it takes to get to the next town to spread the word. If you make shitty albums with one good single don’t come to us. If you make amazing music with or without singles we want to hear from you.

If you are interested in submitting your music please send your EPK with audio or video links only DO NOT ATTACH MP3′s WE NO LONGER ACCEPT ANY PHYSICAL SUBMISSIONS to: info@bielerbros.com

It may take some time for us to listen to your demo, because everyone at Bieler Bros. listens to each demo. Please be patient and do not e-mail us asking if we have listened to your demo yet. We will get in touch when we have listened and if we are interested. Please do not call us, do not stop by the office, and do not send us the war and peace version of your life’s story.

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